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The AC Pros Inc. team of technicians has extensive knowledge of and experience with all brands and types of HVAC systems and work hard to solve your problems with professionalism and reliability. We are experts in creating highly efficient solutions for your needs to ensure the best functionality and output of an energy saving system.

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System Installation or Change Out

Design, custom configuration, and installation of a brand new HVAC system for new construction or to completely replace old equipment with high reliability and performance.

VRF and Multi Zone
System Development

Installation and configuration of fully variable speed systems within the same building to create multiple zones with separate controls to adapt to varying indoor climates.

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Existing Equipment and System Upgrade

Upgrade old and outdated equipment while keeping certain elements. Rather than a change out, upgrading the system can decrease energy usage and optimize the unit for new needs.

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AC System and
Heat Pump Repairs

Service calls to fix damaged parts or further optimize air flow and efficiency and repairs of all types of heat pumps, including refrigerant refill, to ensure reliable air cooling.

System Maintenance

Quarterly or semi-annual maintenance service to conduct air quality and flow efficiency tests, replace filters, condenser and drain pipe cleaning, and add more refrigerant.

Custom Vent/Grill
Design and Installation

Custom designed and installed architectural air grills to fit within the location's aesthetic and provide the best possible distribution of air for utmost comfort and convenience.

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Air Quality and
Flow Experts

Air quality analysis and installation of custom tailored electronic air filtration system, UV lights, and scrubbers that clean air 10x more effectively than fiber (HEPA) filter.

Thermostat Programming and Wireless Control Setup

Programming and installation of innovative thermostats, sensors, and geo-fences with smart features to adapt to the environment and remote wireless control from mobiles.

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Ducting Repair and Replacement

Custom designed and fitted ducting with a high insulation rating to maximize and strengthen air flow throughout a building and overall avoid long term degradation.

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Energy Saving and Efficient Solutions

Optimized and uniquely tailored systems and repair services to adapt to the individual environment and maximize energy saving capabilities and longevity of all equipment.

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